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WET-N-STICK™ Wallboard Tape; the water-activated adhesive. that needs no initial compound, saving you precious time and money. The patent...

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WET-N-STICK™ Wallboard Tape; the water-activated adhesive. that needs no initial compound, saving you precious time and money.

The patent pending Wet-N-Stick™ technology combines a specially formulated adhesive activated by simple tap water (rapid dry additives cannot be added) and the very best in drywall paper. Without the usual initial coat of compound, this joint tape dries; faster in dry climates, longer in humid areas.

The taping process that once took two days to reach the stage for the final coat is now a one-day job.

  • No pre-coating required
  • Adhesive contains mold/mildew inhibitors
  • Bonds, dries, ready to finish in the same day
  • Easy application, thoroughly wet and apply to joint
  • Adjustable, just re-moisten and reposition
  • ASTM C475 Compliant for drywall joint tape


    Immerse the tape in clean water. Apply the tape by hand over joint, reposition if necessary.

    Smooth tape with hand to eliminate bubbles or blisters. Groove tape into seams. Allow tape to dry, apply finish coat.

    Wet n Stick Installation Instructions

    • Wallboard installation shall be such that the edges contact each other. Do not force boards into place.
    • Any gaps greater than 3/16” need to be pre-filled prior to installing WET-n-STICK™ joint tape.
    • Fasteners shall be set with the heads slightly below the wallboard surface without breaking the face paper.
    • Using clean water, immerse WET-n-STICK™ joint tape fully to activate the adhesive.
    • Once WET-n-STICK™ has been thoroughly wet, place over the wallboard joint, making sure, using your hand, that the tape is pressed into the joint. The tape is very strong and in joints with gaps it serves as a back wall for the bed coat of compound when dry. Helping the tape into the joint is a good tip
    • Next, using your hand, make full contact of the entire tape with the wallboard, smoothing any wrinkles, or areas not making contact with the face paper.
    • Take care to assure complete contact with wallboard surface especially on tapered edges.
    • IMPORTANT- Allow the product to dry completely!
    • If there is, any area upon drying that did not make full contact a blister may develop. If blisters are present, simply take a water-saturated sponge, re moisten the effected area, and smooth with your hand.
    • When installing WET-n-STICK™ tape into an inside corner special take care to make sure the tape is pressed completely into the angle before smoothing the edges. Pre-creasing the tape prior to installation will aid in making sure the apex is correctly aligned.
    • A temperature of at least 45 degrees must be maintained to install WET-n-STICK™ joint tape.

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